Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

Is It Safe To Have Personal DNA Testing?
DNA consulting and testing has become a popular trend with many health-conscious people. The primary purpose of this technology is to help people discover any potential for health problems early on so that they may begin integrating preventative measures, thereby reducing their risk of disease. New technology has made it possible to root out burgeoning genetic health issues and their rate of probability. To many people, it sounds like a reliable predictor for disease, and so far, it appears to be as good as it sounds, much like a genetic horoscope.

Baroda Clinical Lab Helps You Understand Inherited Blood Diseases and Some Types
A disease, by definition, is a disorder of structure or function in an organism that produces specific symptoms or signs to indicate its presence. Inheritance, in terms of biology, is the passing of characteristics, good or bad, from parents to its off-spring. Inherited diseases are the passing of bad characteristics from generation to generation.

DNA mutation genetic disorder
Most genetic disorders result from defects in single genes and many different procedures for examining genetic material have been developed. These procedures reveal an immense amount of knowledge about how changes in the genetic material can lead to various kinds of health issues. DNA tests, normally used in paternity tests determination can provide more information than about genetic compositions. Chromosomes are made of one special molecule called DNA, which is the genetic material of which all genes are composed. There are techniques that identify the chromosome on which the gene is located and how they work.

Adapting to Life with the Risk or Reality of Genetic Disease: Genetic Counselors Suggest Ways to Help Patients Cope
If you are afflicted with a genetic disease -- or at risk of developing one -- how do you handle it? Do you tell your loved ones? What is the best way to cope? If your loved one has a genetic disorder, how do you best adapt?

DNA Genotek Sample Collection Kit Selected by Prometheus for MyCeliacID™ Genetic Test
DNA Genotek announced that its Oragene®•DNA product has been selected by Prometheus as the sample collection kit for MyCeliacID™ a saliva-based genetic test dedicated to celiac disease. Oragene•DNA is ideal for this type of genetic testing service as it solves sample collection challenges inherent with traditional collection methods which are often too costly and invasive.

Researchers Use Oragene®ÏDNA to Find Genetic Link to Neglected Tropical Disease
DNA Genotek today announced that its Oragene•DNA product is being used by a team of international researchers to further investigate a genetic link to podoconiosis. Podoconiosis is a disease occurring in individuals exposed to red clay soil derived from volcanic rock in tropical Africa, Central America and northwest India.

New On-line Tutorials For GeneTests and Genetic Home Reference
Comprehensive tutorials on the disease gene databases GeneTests and Genetic Home Reference enable researchers to quickly and effectively use these invaluable resources.

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