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Hello readers,

This is Josh from the NAPXE Group website where I’m here to speak my mind about the ideas and things that mean the most to me. I’m basically leading up my rambling and sometimes mumbling pack of cohorts that keep me company in this virtual world. I sometimes come across things that I find somewhat curious, and then I’ll just write about them. And not for any particular reason, either.

For example, as I type this introduction to my blog, there was this little thought that flitted across my mind about beaches. Then, my mind went off on a tangent, and I thought, how can anyone REALLY determine how many grains of sand there are? So, naturally I googled it, and sure enough, there are hundreds of thousands of responses that address this very question.

Seriously…people spend their time calculating such matters. So, anyway, I saw this National Public Radio link that was pondering whether there were more grains of sand on earth than stars in the skies.

Naturally I was actually getting curious now, so I went to the site, and they “guesstimated” in the quintillian-quadrillion grains of sand.

So, being a person with the attention span of a fly once the food source is gone, I got bored.

Anyway, here’s my source in case you want to check this out yourself (assuming you have absolutely nothing else to do right now): http://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2012/09/17/161096233/which-is-greater-the-number-of-sand-grains-on-earth-or-stars-in-the-sky

I guess that’s my way of saying, “Welcome to my site!”

See you again soon!


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